The Consortium “Good Scientific Practice in Transition” of the Österreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft – in short: “ARGE GWP” of the ÖFG

Duration: 2021 until about 2028

Since 2002, guidelines on “good scientific practice” (in short: GSP guidelines) have been gaining acceptance at Austrian universities, a movement which started in the 1990ies in Denmark and Germany. These guidelines usually also contain a typology of scientific misconduct (such as plagiarism, data manipulation, data invention or sabotage) and suggestions for the correct handling of reports of corresponding suspected cases.

The consortium will follow the dynamic development of these GSP standards in Austria until about 2028, standards which have meanwhile influenced legislation and statutes of universities and other higher education institutions. In addition, GSP guidelines are reflected in rules of good publication and authorship practice, in citation guidelines, and in guidelines for the generation, interpretation, and storage of empirical data.

A special focus of the consortium is on current developments. Keywords are artificially generated texts as well as collusion and assignment outsourcing in electronic distance exam contexts.

Web presence on the website of the Austrian Research Foundation (ÖFG) (in German language)

Pie chart: Dimensions of good scientific practice

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