“Good Scientific Practice in Transition”

of the Österreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft – Since 2021

The consortium “Good Scientific Practice in Transition" (in short: "ARGE GWP") with about 30 representatives of all four Austrian university types was founded in 2021 on the initiative of Markus Haslinger and Stefan Weber (both TU Vienna). It organizes webinars and symposia, produces publications, and also ensures networking and discourse with other digital communication media such as a blog and a discussion board.

The consortium “Good Scientific Practice in Transition” is one of currently four consortiums of the Austrian Research Foundation (ÖFG). The Austrian Research Foundation (ÖFG) is an association supported by the federal and state governments, founded in 1977 with the aim of “contributing to the future orientation and quality assurance of research and teaching in Austria”. In particular, the consortiums of the ÖFG have been established to “work on current issues of mostly public interest as interdisciplinary scientific forums.” Here, the topic of “Good Scientific Practice” proves to be a highly topical cross-cutting issue.

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